Quan – The secret sauce of influence

Quan – The secret sauce of influence

The secret sauce of Influence.

It’s no secret that when it comes to leadership, and companionship, the individual charisma and their integrity aura is transmitting its wave to both the other’s thoughts and skin, placing its roots of motivation, admiration and inspiration to everyone around. 

Sometimes, leadership displays its harsh appearance as fame and wealth, but sometimes, it also shows its delicate form of amnesty and  care. But one who leads, is to understand that regardless of its appearance form, above all, leadership is the ambient wave of influences that an individual is emitting around them.

Leaving aside the outcome jurisdiction (good or evil, success or failure), leadership is all about enabling changes through the power of the many. Looking around, leadership is not limited by age or experience (Mark Zuckerberg around his early 20s or Alexander the Great, conquering the whole Europe around the age of 28) nor limited by the consequences of their vision (Hitler or Saddam). In short, regardless of the dish you are making, there must be a secret sauce that is the enigma behind the ability to influence the masses to fulfil their vision.

Turns out it’s not that secretive!  The key to influencing people lies within relationships, team working and ultimately leadership. They all revolve about influencing people and driving your vision one way or another. 

Relationships are the foundation of every human interaction. Understanding this gives you an advantage of appreciating every connection you have, layering it with your mindfulness, respect and integrity, and surely mutual trust is the fruit that comes out naturally. Keeping the passionate cycle of exploring with your partner interests, fulfilling them in such a way that delivers win-win circumstances and lastly appreciating all the sincerity and mindfulness that has been exchanging, that would let us understand and be grateful for the network of relationships surrounding you.

Bringing it on to the next level of leadership. To a degree, part of it’s now not only to maintain your network but just to manage networks of different individuals still based on the practice of how individuals interact within your realm that would help enable trust, respect and open communication. Another vital part of it is to establish and integrate your vision of the future into these networks that would enable driving results towards it. It consists of 4 parts: making your vision clear, sharing the view with others such that they follow that willingly, enabling the frameworks, tools and interaction manner such that can enable the exchanging of values between people involved and achieving the result as the outcome.

The journey to this revelation is not achieved easily, at least for some. Nowadays, standards and expectations grow so fast that it has outpaced most people’s natural innerself and ability development. 

Joining a focus bootcamp program such as CIO Vietnam, both forcing yourself to simultaneously, step back looking at ourselves objectively while pushing own thinking to the limit, is a very unique opportunity that could very well credit itself as “speeding up” the “ah-ha moment” for individuals and thus, finding their own secret sauce of success.

The success is further assured by the passionate and wise coaches, who might very well be sharing your vision to some extent. And above all, you would be able to work with elite team members that would help to provide lectures, knowledge and also bring up challenges that would create not only here and now effect on your mindset but also a lasting bond that would further enhance your career for the many years to come.

It’s not going to be easy, but far from it, not in any way a pleasant ride. But think of it as you thought about a time that sheer effort and disappointment has shaped you today. This could very well be the next stage of it, as it has been mine.


– Chương trình huấn luyện “Hạt Giống Lãnh Đạo CNTT” đã tổ chức được 4 mùa và đã huấn luyện thành công 42 hạt giống.

– Chương trình dự kiến huấn luyện trong 8 tháng với 6 chủ đề ở TP HCM.

– Chương trình năm 2021 đã chiêu sinh 14 ứng viên.


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